12 Seat Smart Top School Folding Table


Spaceright Europe has developed a Brand New & unique ‘SmartTop’ range of themed table tops, specifically designed to bring fun, facts & increased awareness to the dining room. As an addition to our existing range of folding tables, the 3 themes of Endangered Animals, World Geography & Modern History & Inventions, graphically illustrate subjects of continuous relevance affecting children’s daily lives & are intended to raise awareness, whilst offering accessible facts that may inspire further interest.

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Available in our most popular 12 seat table, ‘Smart Tops’ also benefit from all the original features that have made our tables so popular, including :-

  • Sixteen year warranty
  • Free site survey
  • Free 3D Space PlanningFree Delivery

Rectangular SmartTop Mobile Folding Table Seating Units, Available with 12 seats, laminated SmartTop design table top with tuff edging and MDF core. Frame and legs Grey. Seats are 330mm diameter in a range of 10 colours – Lilac, Yellow, Red, Sunset Orange, Blue, Green, Wine, Apple Green, Blueberry or Black. Table heights are 685 or 735mm.

Length x Height x Width (including stools)
Ages 4-11: 2380 X 685 X 1500mm
Ages 11-Adult: 2380 X 735 X 1500mm

World Map Design

World Map SmartTop has a full sized map with country and city detail. The information around the map is split into continents with flags of each country that make up the continent plus country and city information. Each continent also has key information such as: Area, total population, most populated city, population density per (km2), highest point, lowest point.

Modern History Design

Modern History SmartTop has information on significant world events, inventions, historical and sporting achievements in decades from 1950 to 2000. Examples include: Discovery of DNA, the first scheduled flight by a commercial jet, first ascent of Mount Everest, first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes, the Cuban Missile Crisis and The Beatles first record.

Endangered Animals Design

Endangered Animals SmartTop has information on the world’s most at risk species including: tigers, rhinoceros, orangutan, elephant, Red Panda and Giant Panda. The SmartTop is full of useful “did you know” information such as: there are more tigers held in captivity in Texas than there are left in the wild, rhinos only ever give birth to single offspring and never have multiple litters.

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Seat Colours

Table Colours