Fast Fold Rectangular Table


Designed for simplicity of use, the fast fold tables and benches are lightweight but sturdy – a perfect solution for everyday use. The table legs fold into the frame itself, allowing you to store 50% more tables into the same area or trolley as other market leading brands, whilst the bench legs are static but easy to stack and store.

Discounts for 3+


  • Choice of 6 colours
  • Strong aluminum framed edging with safety corners
  • Steel legs for stability
  • Tables are available in two widths, two lengths and three heights
  • Benches available in three heights

Surface Colours

Blue White
Grey Oak
Beech Red

Table Heights

610(w) x 530mm(h) 685(w) x 710mm(h)
610(w) x 635mm(h) 1220(w) x 530mm(h)
610(w) x 710mm(h) 1220(w) x 635mm(h)
685(w) x 530mm(h) 1220(w) x 710mm(h)
685(w) x 635mm(h)

Table Lengths

1220mm 1830mm


Length Width / Height Price
1220mm 610(w) x 530mm(h) £99.00
1220mm 610(w) x 635mm(h) £99.00
1220mm 610(w) x 710mm(h) £99.00
1220mm 685(w) x 530mm(h) £99.00
1220mm 685(w) x 635mm(h) £99.00
1220mm 685(w) x 710mm(h) £99.00
1220mm 1220(w) x 530mm(h) £199.00
1220mm 1220(w) x 635mm(h) £199.00
1220mm 1220(w) x 710mm(h) £199.00
Length Width / Height Price
1830mm 610(w) x 530mm(h) £115.00
1830mm 610(w) x 635mm(h) £115.00
1830mm 610(w) x 710mm(h) £115.00
1830mm 685(w) x 530mm(h) £115.00
1830mm 685(w) x 635mm(h) £115.00
1830mm 685(w) x 710mm(h) £115.00
1830mm 1220(w) x 530mm(h) £228.00
1830mm 1220(w) x 635mm(h) £228.00
1830mm 1220(w) x 710mm(h) £228.00